Cinematography Industry ODM Aluminum Camera Lens System

Cinematography Industry ODM Aluminum Camera Lens System

custom made cnc aluminum filter rings holder for camera lenses housing

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LCH, Since 2004

LCH was found in 2003, with a total investment of $1.5 million, over 4,500 square meters, equipped with the most advanced high precision CNC Milling machine(28sets), CNC Turning machine(32sets), CNC machining center, automatic lathe and various kinds of secondary processing equipment more than 80 sets.


LCH is located in Songgang, Shenzhen, an industry cluster here. We are a leading middle-scale machining factory, your visit will be appreciated anytime! 


1). Industry: CNC Machining for camera equipment and components

2). Model: LCH-ODM lens hood with aluminum 6061 T6

3). Color: ODM black anodized type II

4). Tolerance requirements: as per customers', +-0.02mm low tolerance as usual.

5). Machining process: turning and milling etc.

6). CNC machined camera part industry machining scope: camera dolly, plates, filters, adapters, arms, studs, cages, holders, tripods, and mounts etc. 

7). Prototyping service: offered before mass production

8). Material-purchasing: When the production order is paid, and all material for mass production will be ordered after production drawings are finalized and confirmed by the customers.

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Professional Engineering Operation

LCH offers the full capability of machines and engineering with very competitive price for your design's production here. we start with engineering analysis and designs accurate, rigid and reliable machines to produce to last. We are continually working with our customers on innovating new ways to help them solve production problem and reduce production cost, also give them amazing quality for their products here.


Reliable Supplier Chains


LCH partners with reliable suppliers such as surface finish process factories, assembly factories, package custom factories, molding factories, and other outsourcing services you might need, we convince all services will be delivered if required.


Service Network

Support is a core value to LCH, and according to customer surveys, LCH and our before-sale service and aftersale service offer the best one and support in the industry. We do what it takes to provide reliable full customer support you need to make great products.


Protect Your Profit Well

LCH has very strict quality control system, but we still can`t promise every part you received will 100% perfect, so if there is any defective part you received, you just need to offer us the evidence(such as a picture), we will check and confirm it. After that, we will repair or redo them.

Because of our strict quality control system, so we have the confidence to promote our customer with this.Please kindly noted that it`s our advantage compare with others, we realize that only the high quality and good service can keep the friendly and long-term business relationship with our customer and it`s also the only way our company can stronger and stronger...



Quality Control System

(1).During the part production, our QC worker will inspect the part size every one hour, this will help us to keep the correct tolerance during production

(2). When the parts machining finished, they will be arranged to have surface finished (such as anodize or powder coated), after that,our QC worker will inspect the parts again, because after surface finished, part tolerance may be different sometimes, if there are any defective parts we found, we will pick them out directly


(3). Before shipping, our package worker will check the part surface and see if there is any scratch or any other thing that affect the part looking, if yes, pick them out.


Faster Delivery and Considerate Recommendation of Shipping Ways

After fast production, if you don't have an international shipping account or you would like to compare other shipping ways to reduce your shipping cost, we are glad to arrange our forwarder to quote you a shipping cost with the very safe and competitive price for your goods, this price usually beat these internationals' price, because our forwarder has their benefits and advantage in international shipping. To save more money for you




Customized Package Cartons & Assembly Service Offered

If you need more suitable and professional packing ways and packages for your products, we are able to offer you custom package service, it takes one week to work this such blister package, foam package, bubble package and so on.


Besides, if you wouldn't like to get troubled for assembly in your locals, then you might let us help you assembly parts here so that all production and assembly are in one process to keep all in right schedule


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If you're looking for the cinematography industry odm aluminum camera lens system, welcome to buy the quality products made in China in bulk with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. The customized service and the free sample are offered in our factory.
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