CNC Machining Center ODM Camera Mount Base

CNC Machining Center ODM Camera Mount Base

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Product Details


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Alu 6061/6063/7075; Iron 1215/45/1045; Stainless steel 303/304/316; Copper; Brass; Bronze(H59/H62/T2/H65); Plastic POM/PE/PSU/PA/PEK etc…

Suface treatment

Heat treatment; Plating ( Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Aluminum alloy ); Anodized with various colors; Power Coating; Polishing; Ultrasonic wave Cleaning

Products Usage

1. Medical devices

2. Car & Motorcycle parts

3. Auto parts-Cnc Custom Digital Camera Lens Spare Parts

4. Mechanical parts- Karting parts

5. Hardware parts

6. Home appliance equipment

7. Industrial equipment

8. Electrical equipment, etc 

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