AMADA At The Blechexpo

- Nov 29, 2017-

October 22, 2017

Set new standards in your production with AMADA and convince yourself of the innovative production solutions and the potential of networked sheet metal processing from the 7th – 10th of November.

In addition to laser innovations for pipe and profile processing, stronger resonators and the new ALPHA-sheet processing “with velvet gloves”, visitors will also experience product highlights for welding, bending and punching in Stuttgart. The main focus is on a significant improvement in the cutting qualities by high beam quality, process speed and process reliability.

In addition to these topics, AMADA also dedicates itself to the branch topic of the hour, the digital networking of production processes by embedding appropriate software and automation. AMADA’s interpretation of the Industry 4.0, the V-factory, links all process steps – from the drawing to the finished part! As a highlight, AMADA presents a new monitoring app in this context: “Keeper” as a constant companion on the smartphone or tablet supports the security of the production processes.

Make yourself ready for IoT and industry 4.0

At the Blechexpo they give customers an understanding of their holistic concept for sheet metal processing in the ages of Industry 4.0 (V-factory) by presenting selected aspects. V-factory accompanies customers along the complete added value chain and connects the various production steps – from the initial darwing until the produced part.

Witness the VPSS3i-concept facilitating the communication between programming software, machine controlling and monitoring.

AMADA’s new Native App „Keeper“ enables users to serve the demands of a flexible production via real time monitoring. Get a detailed overview of product cycles, material use and machine performance. With assignment of peaks, lows and early warning in the event of an eventual machine breakdown. For easy handling, process the surveyed data in the cloud and visualize results to keep everything updated.