CNC Machining Attention Safe Operation

- Apr 06, 2017-

In the process of processing, the trainees should always be aware of the safe operation:

1, try to install the card material and then mount the cutter, to prevent the card material when the hand touches the cutter above. If you have installed the tool, in the card material, the first should be moved to the outside, to ensure that the card materials, not to interfere with the cutter, lest hurt or hit the cutter.

2, in the demolition of the cutter must first observe whether the spindle stop rotation.

3, in the unloading knife hand do not grip or pinch the blade of the cutter, to avoid scratching the blade.

4, the wrench should be used in the tool storage area, not allowed to put on the y-axis shield or beams.

5, in the process of operation personnel not allowed to observe the cutting position near the distance, to prevent the debris from collapsing into the eyes.

6, before opening the oil pump switch to check the nozzle position before processing, avoid flushing to other locations when the oil is blown out.

7, in the processing of the clearance of observation, must move the worktable off the cutting position.

8, test we finished after processing, demolition of the workpiece before, the first to make the necessary size or appearance of the initial detection, inspection of qualified to dismantle the workpiece in order to avoid the demolition of the secondary processing after the localization of the problem and caused the workpiece scrap. The disassembled workpiece is further tested for some key dimensional data to meet the machining requirements.