DNC Software Search

- Nov 27, 2017-

We all have computers that need to talk to machines.  Modern machinery uses USB sticks or Ethernet for communication.  For older machines or for moldmakers who require a drip-feed of G-code, we set out to find DNC software with the best performance to value ratio.  The short list of results is in…

We tested multiple packages via free trials and have ranked the top 5 for the best value in descending order:

  1. ProEZNC – $139.00* – Great overall performance and ease of setup. – pronc.com

  2. dnc4U – $149.00 – Good, really good. Might as well be a tie for the #1 spot. – dnc4U.com

  3. kwikDNC – $89.00* – Good value and easy to setup but would be #1 if the user interface were a lot less clumsy. – kwikdnc.com

  4. DNCv5 – $269.00 – Solid. Easily the best program in the group, but the highest price in this field threw off the performance to value ratio. – dncsoftware.com

  5. ConnectCNC – $60.00 – Good option for older computers, but we just couldn’t get it to work with Windows Vista and above even after several support emails.  Archaic activation via email didn’t help either. – connectcnc-dnc.com

Prices marked with * are estimates converted from GBP to USD.