Selection Of NC Machining Process Content

- Apr 06, 2017-

For a part, not all the processing process is suitable for CNC machine tools to complete, but often only part of the process is suitable for NC processing. This requires careful process analysis of the parts drawings, selecting the most suitable and most needed CNC machining content and processes. In considering the selection of content, we should combine the actual equipment of the enterprise, based on solving the problem, overcoming the key problems and improving the production efficiency, giving full play to the advantages of NC machining.

1, suitable for NC machining content

When you choose, you can generally consider the following order:

(1) The content of the general machine tool cannot be processed should be the priority selection;

(2) General machine tool difficult to process, the quality is also difficult to guarantee the content should be the key selection;

(3) General machine tool processing efficiency low, workers manual labor intensity of the content, can be in CNC machine tools still exist rich processing capacity.

2, not suitable for NC machining content

In general, the above-mentioned processing of the use of NC machining, product quality, production efficiency and comprehensive benefits will be significantly improved. In contrast, some of the following elements are not suitable for NC machining:

(1) take up the machine adjustment time long. If the rough datum of rough positioning machining the first refined benchmark, need to coordinate the content of special tooling;

(2) The processing site is scattered, need to install several times, set the original point. At this time, the use of CNC machining is very troublesome, the effect is not obvious, can arrange general machine tool repair processing;

(3) The contour of the surface machined according to certain specific manufacturing basis (such as sample). The main reason is the difficulty of obtaining data, and the contradiction between the test basis and the difficulty of programming.

In addition, in the selection and decision processing of content, also consider the production volume, production cycle, turnover between processes and so on. In short, to be as reasonable as possible, to achieve many, fast, good, the purpose of the province. To prevent CNC machine tool degradation to the use of general-purpose machine tools.