The Condition Of Power Supply For CNC Machining Center

- Apr 06, 2017-

The CNC Machining Center unit has two lamps, one is the power supply indicator, is green; one is the power supply alarm lamp, which is red, the power unit, including the Power input unit and the Power control section.

When the power supply indicator (green) is not lit when the CNC machining Center is not plugged in.

The power unit's insurance F1, F2 has been fused. This is due to the high voltage input, or the power supply unit itself components are damaged.

CNC CNC Lathe Machining Center input voltage is low. Please check the voltage that enters the power supply unit, the allowable value of the voltage is AC 200V+10%,50HZ ± 1HZ.

Bad power supply unit, damaged inside

The power indicator light is lit and the alarm lights disappear, but the power supply cannot be connected.

This is because the condition of the Power on (on) is not satisfied. The following switch circuit, the condition of the power supply is as follows:

The connecting condition of the power supply of CNC lathe Machining Center is three: (1) The Source on button closes. (2) Power off button closes. (3) External alarm contact opens.